What we learned in class

On thursday we took notes about the three main types of clouds there is cumulus, stratus, and cirrus.  We all learned every type of cloud and how they are formed. We also learned witch clouds are high and witch are low. It was a great learning experience for everyone and we all had fun.


I wrote 10 post this season. all of them were school based. I received 4 comments. three stores at night received the most comments because it was that good. I liked writing them all. No I liked the first one I picked.

My favorite movies

My favorite movie is avatar with the blue people. It is a great movie with violence, combat, and it doesn’t come from a book. I would have to say it’s not for children under the age of 13 though.It’s pretty scary.

My next favorite movie is harry potter and the sorcerers stone( the first 1).Even though it came from a book  it’s pretty good. This one has wizards and potions and spells and stuff. It’s just very entrusting to me.

My third favorite movie is transformers (all 3 of them). this one has cars that trans form into battle machines

United nations website

the website was fun especially the games. We use a lot of resources that we don’t even need. I think it is good in impacting people. We use liters and liters of water just by leaving a fasite dripping. We also need to find ways to stop tsunamis and earth quakes from destroying the whole planet. these are serious causes. I think we need to take action right away.